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The prepaid card is a fairly new area in the card systems that are used digitally or electronically.

There are two versions that you can take advantage of.

  • Electronic Gift Voucher is also known as a modern day gift card that you can give to friends.
  • Value Card is something that can be used and recharged if you wanted to.

Paper vouchers cannot be replaced by such electronic systems. These are just new channels for making it easier to electronically purchase and to have more control. Here are some of the amazing effects of having such a prepaid card.

Eco Value-Card System

  • An EcoValue-CardSystem is made up of a number of modules. This is a highly functional and quality cards that are printed to the best quality. If you want to understand your customer data, it is necessary to extend the system with the help ODF related programs at any point in time.

The cards are designed with the inclusion of a security chip and the terminal is practical and very easy to use. This can be used to close to the fund. THz gift and value cards can be given to the customers in a number of ways particularly

  • As a fixed sum with values that are varying.
  • As cards that can be loaded with a particular amount.

Effects of these cards

  • 100% loyalty to customers:

    Every Euro that is spent on the card is included in the fund and the revenue is something you cannot take away. It is just a matter of time as when the customer wants to redeem the value of the sales.

  • 9% additional profit: The "telephone card" effect:

    According to studies, every year, around 9% of the booked values will not be redeemed due to lost cards and other aspects. The money still remains there without losing the cost of the sale.

Technological aspects

  • Safer and Faster handling:

    Every time you make a booking, you leave a digital signature and you can trace the booking that has been assigned to the employee.

  • Comprehensive utilization:

    The voucher is utilized through a composite of a number of partners that are accepted as well. The customer gets more flexibility so the card is very multifaceted. So that means you can use this cards to shop, check advertising and use it for associations.

Effect on information and data

with the data taken demographically, by the customer as well as the data, it is possible to create profiles like

  • Structure of customers: what does the customer pertain to with regards to sales, the bon, and the card usage?
  • Frequency of visit
  • Security Report

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