Basic Craps


Craps is a game based mostly on luck. The player must guess that numbers that will come out after a throw of dices, or a series of throws. There are many kinds of craps, as players could play against the dealer or against each other. Moreover, craps requires minimum "hardware," therefore is suited for playing at home or with your friends.

How to play craps

The craps game where the players are betting against the casino is called bank craps. Every throwing round has a player as a "shooter." Although there are not as many betting options as for the roulette, players have various betting combinations at their disposals. The craps betting table has all those options, but you could also write the bets on a piece of paper if you are playing at home.

The players that are betting against the shooter have two major betting options. The "Pass" bets and the "Don't Pass" bets. If the shooter throws a total of 11 or 7 (also called "naturals," the pass bets are winning). A total of 2, 3, or 12 means that the shooter lost, therefore the "Don't pass" bets are winners. Every round has a different shooter. This is the most charming feature of the game, as you could revenge a major loss when some other player is shooting.

There are also some methods to avoid rigged dices and cheats. 5 dices are placed in a bowl, and the shooter must choose only two of them. Every shooter must choose his dices from the same bowl. The remaining dices are placed black in the bowl, and they are not used along the current round.

As said before, getting 2, 3, 7, 11, or 12 means the end of the round. If the shooter gets another total, the corresponding number is considered the "point." The game continues until the player shoots the same total. However, if a total of 7 is thrown before shooting the "point" again, the game also ends with the shooter loosing.

How to avoid being a shooter

In the real casinos, if a place is empty at a craps table, it can be claimed by anybody. Therefore, if you want to play but you don't want to be a shooter, you must wait until the dices are getting over the empty seat. Join the game immediately after. Even if this is not totally ethic, it is a common procedure in craps. Moreover, you could leave the table before your turn as a shooter, but this is unethical, and you can be sure the rest of the players would avoid you for the rest of your gambling career.

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