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Online casinos' privacy policy

Here is online casino directory with a help of which you can familiarize yourself with confidentiality and privacy policy of online casinos

Online Casino Confidentiality

Personal Data

For playing on any online casino one should first of all give some certain information about him/ herself. The casino, it its turn, guarantees its strict confidence, they promise not to hand over their players' personal data.

Login and Password

All online casino users are obliged to register their login and password for providing control of all accounts through the web.


If there are some links on the online casino site you are playing in, you should know that those web resources are your casinos' partners but any online casino which contains such links is not accountable for business of such web resources.

Personal Data protection

Any respectable and well-known internet casino is powered by one of the best online casino software providers which provide high-tech information protective devices. So, choose carefully the online casino and you will be sure that all the information your personal account contains is in safe.

Service Messages

Usually, online casinos send messages to their players' e-mail. Such messages may concern the player's payment status, some information about his/ her account, service's changes and improving. Not all players want to receive such messages on their e-mail. In such cases, one can consult online casino support service and ask for canceling such messages. The operators will be happy to help you.

Accounts Editing and Deleting

All online casino users can edit the information on their accounts at any time. So, it's up to you to decide what information your account will contain.

If you want not to visit some certain casino site anymore and delete your personal account you can request casino's support service at any time and they will delete your account. Usually online casino's operators retain all the information about deleted and de-activated accounts.

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